Who would benefit from BioSync® and CranioSacral Therapy (CST)?

BioSync® has received international recognition for its remarkable success with a wide range of muscular and trauma-related challenges.  A variety of professionals have found BioSync® indispensable for pain relief, injury rehabilitation and prevention, and maintaining a competitive edge, including:

  • World-class athletes and coaches
  • Top-performing business professionals
  • Musicians, dancers, and other performing artists whose physical condition plays a critical role in their livelihood
  • Avid sports enthusiasts, such as golfers, triathletes, and runners
  • Entertainment industry celebrities

In essence, the work may be of great benefit to a wide variety of people, from those who have experienced physical injuries to those who simply feel the everyday effects of what our society calls “stress.” A powerful coupling of both modalities, incorporating the sensitivity to tissue dysfunction perceived through CST along with the accelerated unwinding potential of BioSync®, tends to yield highly effective results in a short period of time.

Clients typically experience immediate positive change, even after just one session.  While each client’s experience may vary, much depends on his or her desire for transformational change as well as life style, cumulative trauma experiences, and other factors which govern an appropriate number and frequency of sessions.  Observed benefits typically include:

  • Substantial decrease or elimination of pain
  • Long-term postural change
  • Greatly improved freedom of movement, range of motion, and flexibility
  • Overall feeling of “lightness” or that of being physically/emotionally unburdened
  • Improved energetic state and physical performance
  • Decreased susceptibility to injury