What is BioSync?

As a bodywork modality, BioSync is an efficient method for releasing limiting patterns in the myofascia, which is the system comprised of the body’s muscles and associated packaging and connective tissues. The term “BioSync” is derived from the union of two components: “bio” meaning life, and “sync” meaning synchronicity or harmony.  BioSync® embodies the belief that a healthy life possesses the ultimate balance between mind, body, and soul.

BioSync Equipment

The BioSync® Method was developed by somatic and martial artist Mark Lamm. The BioSync® protocol employs both physical and energetic techniques to free the body/mind of limitations manifested as pain, limited range of motion, structural anomalies, or soft-tissue injuries.  With the aid of custom postural equipment, BioSync® integrates eastern and western healing principles through various hands-on and energetic techniques to facilitate unwinding within tissue.

How does BioSync work?

The human body is a walking history of a person’s life, containing “recordings” of events which are experienced from infancy onward.  These recordings include memories of trauma, resulting from either physical, emotional, or psychological stress. Sources of this stress include:

  • Singular events resulting in acute injuries
  • Postural distortion embodied through or exacerbated by repetitive use
  • Surgical and associated recovery trauma
  • Accumulation of negative thoughts such as anxiety, grief, or other stressors

The BioSync Method
Memory of trauma is stored in the connective tissue which binds and gives support to internal muscles, organs, and skeletal components.  Pain or a reduction in function is manifested when the collagen fibers within this connective tissue become cross-linked or rigid, typically to protect the source of trauma locked within the tissue.

The BioSync Method involves an elegant, three-step process which releases soft tissue at the deepest level, erasing patterns of trauma and dysfunction through:

  1. Penetration of soft tissue
  2. Lengthening of tissue through manual traction
  3. Unwinding of cross-linked fibers by use of the practitioner’s “chi,” literally translated as “life-force energy”

What are the features of a BioSync session?

A full-length BioSync session lasts two (2) hours and incorporates a variety of custom therapeutic equipment to support the client in various postures which enable optimum access to dysfunctional tissue. The client is best suited to receive the work when wearing loose, comfortable clothing typical of what one would wear to a yoga studio or gym. While each session is framed by a standard protocol to address the entire body, the work is tailored to suit each client’s individual needs and most pressing challenges.